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Emergency Procedures Course (EPC) - An ever evolving area of change


Sam Love
Skyline Aviation


Sam was born in Christchurch New Zealand where he trained as a pilot and also worked with St John Ambulance for about 8 years. After flying for different companies around NZ doing a variety of jobs he has settled in Napier flying for Skyline Aviation and the New Zealand Air Ambulance Service for the past 7 years accomplishing two of his passions, Flying and Medicine! Supported by his wife Chantel, also a Flight Nurse, and their 4 children he enjoys the outdoors and family time.


The aeromedical industry is changing very quickly over the years and with the introduction of the AIA Air Ambulance and Search & Rescue Standards in New Zealand there is now a standard level of competence required to fulfil your role as a Clinical Personal, Crew member or a Clinical Support Crew.

Our EPC day consisted of a few hours once a year of just getting re-familiar with the aircraft you flew in and what would happen in different emergency events. Learning from our past and the collective team experiences we had we decided to change our day to Adapt for the changing future i.e. new technology, changing practices, changing aircraft etc. So now we run a full study day consisting of full aircraft famil, skill stations, in and out of aircraft simulations, a themed guest just to name a few.
I will share in a presentation where we were and what we’re doing now in Learning from the past and Adapting for the future!



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