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A new role in Training & Standards for South Australian Ambulance Service, Rescue Retrieval & Aviation: A snap shot 12 months in


Simon Cradock
South Australian Ambulance Rescue Retrieval and Aviation


Simon joined South Australian Ambulance Service in 2003 working as a paramedic, Intensive Care paramedic and then as a metro operations Team Leader at various locations in Adelaide.
In late 2008, he joined SAAS Special Operations Team, a paramedic team that delivers a technical rescue, helicopter rescue and HEMS capability alongside SAAS medstar, the SA state wide retrieval service.
In 2016, Simon joined the management team with SAAS Rescue Retrieval & Aviation in a new TL role dedicated to enhancing this directorates capability by development and delivery of rescue training, and strengthening the close relationship with SAAS medstar retrieval service.


Early last year a new Paramedic Team Leader position was created with the management team Rescue Retrieval and Aviation services South Australian Ambulance Service.  This role was developed to focus on the development and delivery of technical rescue training and standards, and work closely with SAAS medstar education to improve practice in retrieval.

A clear need for this role was highlighted by a range of identified training shortfalls, near miss incidents and review of training and development practices in other emergency services and with interstate ambulance services.

The role set out to improve technical rescue operations and subsequently patient and staff safety by using audit and case review to identify areas for development which provides a guide to improving training and delivery, and overall to coordination and monitor competency.

The presentation seeks to share some of my positive and negative experiences after a year in this role.  To provide context for the positions responsibilities I will deliver a snap shot of South Australian Rescue Retrieval paramedic practice.  I will discuss and share issues with tracking and analyzing trends in training and competency.  Discuss where I've begun by developing and rolling out training and audit days for the team, which are still in their infancy.

This presentation will also use some case studies to demonstrate how our service operates, challenges I've experienced in the new role, highlight some of my enjoyment in delivering training and some success stories, highlight the importance of passion for audit and sharing outcomes, and pose some challenging questions about identifying needs but not always being able to address them.



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