2017 Conference

The following downloads are presentations made at the 2017 ASA+FNA Conference in Sydney.
They are made available with the permission of individual authors. The views and opinions expressed in each presentation may not necessarily reflect those of the Aeromedical Society of Australasia or Flight Nurses Australia.

The Abstracts can be downloaded as pdfs.

Dan Hankins
Lessons Learned  

Dave Greenberg
Highs, lows and lessons from 25 years on the NZ Wellington-based Westpac Rescue Helicopter

Dan Martin
Back to the Future

Naomi Lacey
Logistics in the never never

Andrew Taylor  
Hot and High – A look at why aircraft performance decreases rapidly with altitude and/or hot conditions

John Tessarolo
Application of an airline standard Safety Management System – Enhancing safety in aeromedical transport

JN Armstrong
Appropriate Application of the Aviation – Medicine Analogy 

Cameron Edgar
Investigating the Past to Improve the Future: Training Paramedics to conduct Safety Investigations

Bruce Wicksteed
Project Artemis: national coordination of paediatric critical care retrievals

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