2018 Conference

The following downloads are presentations made at the 2018 ASA+FNA Conference in Hobart.
They are made available with the permission of individual authors. The views and opinions expressed in each presentation may not necessarily reflect those of the Aeromedical Society of Australasia or Flight Nurses Australia.

The Abstracts can be downloaded as pdfs.

Thursday 27th September 2018 Program.

Stephen Hearns
Performance under pressure in aeromedical retrieval

Peter McDonell

Creating One Standard to Reach Beyond

Ben Stanton
“Hang on, there’s ECMO at my ALS!” Pre-hospital ECLS – now and into the future

Kaye Melmeth Oration
Maureen Roberts

37 Years of Experience and Challenges. Where we have been and where we will go?

Andrew Pearce
Do you have an Exit Strategy?

Colin Gunn
Insights from the first 12 months of Australia’s biggest HEMS operation.

Paul Maclure
Patients retrieved to intensive care via a dedicated retrieval service to not have increased hospital mortality compared with propensity matched controls

Jo Scott
Nurse Practitioners taking the Lead

Andrew Hooper
Around the West in 80 hours

David Carpenter
Anatomy of an epidemic – aeromedical retrieval perspective o the 2017 Meningococcal W outbreak in remote Central Australia

David Szyc & Tom Nicholls
Ventilated Winching: A New Perspective

Tina Kendrick
Going With The Flow – Raediatric Patients Referred to NETS NSW on Humidified High Flow Nasal Cannula Therapy

Stefan Becker
Implementation of the Swiss Low Flight Network (LFN) for Helicopters

Johnny Delgado
International Response Challenges to Disasters – An Island Experience

Todd Mulville
Transformational Change in Aeromedical Services for Northern NSW

Christopher Denny
On Selection 

Friday 28th September 2018 Program.

Matthew O’Keefe
Peer support for front line Aeromedical Staff

Jenna McGeever
Interstate paediatric ECMO retrieval

Mick Wilson Oration
Ben Meadley
Developing physicla employment standards in Helicopter Emergency Medical Services – a benchmark for the future

Andrew Hooper
Aeromedical Transfer of Patiendts for Emergency Clot Retrieval – The Western Australian Experience 

Tom Judge
Answering Need: “Next Gen” Rural Healthcare in Maine 2020-2030

John Hollott
Ventilation during helicopter stretcher winching of intubated patients

Christopher Marlow
Is this really just another day in the office? Skills Maintenance using High Fidelity Clinical Scenarios in the Helicopter Winch Training Environment 

Renee Holleran
Transport Nursing: Where we have been, where we are now and where are we going?

Alan Garner
Experience with the Abdominal Aortic and Junctional Tourniquet in traumatic arrest

Bronwyn Turner
Neonatal Hypothermia During Transport, a MedSTAR Kids Experience 

Emmeline Finn
Pregnancy – what does it mean for aeromedical crew?

Phil Hogan
The rise and rise of UAS technology

Cameron Brockel
Royal Australian Air Force mass patient aeromedical evacuation capability 

Cameron Edgar
The role civilian aeromedical services can play in providing clinical experience and exposure to military medics prior to deployment 

Mark Buick
Is it Approved?

Stefan Mazur
The Power of One

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