What is a retrieval – through the eyes of a child

Ms Ann-Maree Brady1

1Children’s Health Queensland Retrieval Service (CHQRS), KALINGA, Australia

What is a retrieval? How do you explain it to a child? We have seen recently books developed to help children have an understanding of natural disasters. But what about a retrieval? This can often be a very traumatic event for children & families.

This talk chronicles the development of a concept to develop a storybook for children which talks about retrievals. Should it be a generic book? Should it be a book that can tell the individuals story? How do you recognise diversity in the story?

This is a concept that could be used in different retrieval services to help children & families explain a very stressful event to their child. it could also form a part of memory making for some families.


Ann-Maree is the Clinical Nurse Consultant for the Children’s Health Queensland Retrieval Service (CHQRS) which is based at the Queensland Children’s Hospital, Brisbane. She has over 20 years experience in PICU and retrievals.


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