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About Aeromedical Society of Australasia (ASA)



The Society had its beginnings in Europe. This is described in the paper 'ISAS Beginnings' which was presented by Gerhard Kugler, one of the 'fathers' of air medicine, to the Society's 2007 scientific meeting in Wellington, NZ (available to read on the ASA website -

Following the 1985 AirMed meeting in Zurich, members from Australia and New Zealand created an Australasian chapter which has thrived beyond the life of the original ISAS.

In October 2009, agreements were signed with similar organisations in Europe (EHAC) and North America (AAMS). These agreements outlined a shared vision between the Society and each of these two organisations for improving aeromedical care for our patients.

In September 2010, after extensive discussion and much deliberation over several years, the annual general meeting approved a change to the name of the organisation from "ISAS (Australasian Chapter)" to "Aeromedical Society of Australasia". Since the original 'ISAS' in Europe no longer existed, it seemed illogical for an Australasian Chapter to still use that name.

ASA conducts scientific meetings annually and produces a regular newsletter comprised of contributions from members. A set of standards have been developed for use by any organisation which seeks to improve the quality of air medical transport. They offer a guide to encourage optimal clinical and operational practice as well as uniform standards and equipment, wherever they will provide a benefit.




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