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The ASA+ FNA Conference Photo Competition for 30th Aeromedical Society of Australasia and Flight Nur

Where have all the midwives gone? A tale from two aeromedical organisations providing solutions for the next 30 years

Jodie Martin
CareFlight, MARRARA, Australia

Louise Burton

Royal Flying Doctor Service Queensland, Australia



Many aeromedical retrieval organisations in Australia require flight nurses to possess both critical care nursing and midwifery qualifications and experience due to the nature of their retrieval work. Since the changes to midwifery education several years ago, it is becoming increasingly more challenging to secure flight nurses with the dual requirements of critical care nursing and midwifery. This has resulted in some aeromedical retrieval organisations developing new and innovative employment models to enable experienced critical care nurses to gain midwifery qualifications.


Royal Flying Doctor Service Queensland
For many years, RFDSQ have had a midwifery scholarship program that allowed for a student midwife to gain financial support whilst they completed their midwifery studies and then were offered a Flight nursing position within 12 months of completion. In late 2017, a pilot project was set up to employ part time flight nurses with secured midwifery placements at a regional hospital whilst completing their midwifery studies at the local university.


CareFlight - Top End Medical Retrieval Service
Since conception in the Top End of the Northern Territory in 2012, the CareFlight midwifery model has enabled 6 flight nurses to gain midwifery qualifications & registration through a supported financial and part time employment model with 3 more flight nurses currently studying midwifery.


This presentation will detail how two different aeromedical retrieval organisations have developed employment models to address the industry challenge of experienced critical care nurses with midwifery qualifications employed at their services.



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