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The ASA+ FNA Conference Photo Competition for 30th Aeromedical Society of Australasia and Flight Nur

The Power of One

Stefan Mazur




Stefan is a PreHospital and Retrieval physician and Medical Retrieval Consultant in South Australia with the state based retrieval service, SAAS MedSTAR, and is the Head of Unit, Training and Education for the service. Stefan also works as an Emergency Physician in the Royal Adelaide Hospital Emergency Department.


Stefan has worked previously in Wellington, Perth, Birmingham, Auckland, Sydney, Townsville and London. His introduction to retrieval was undertaking paediatric and neonatal retrievals for NETS in Sydney, New South Wales, and subsequently he had PreHospital and Retrieval roles with Mediflight in South Australia, for CareFlight in Queensland where he was also the Director of Training and Education and spent a period in London working for London HEMS in PreHospital trauma care.


Stefan has an academic position at the School of Public Health at James Cook University and is an examiner in retrieval medicine for the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh. He has published various papers and textbook chapters on prehospital care and disaster medicine, primarily looking at the role of prehospital ultrasound.



The patients we see today may have a short lived impact on us - just one more case in a sea of injury and illness - but our words, actions and interventions will potentially have a life-long impact on the patient as well as their family and friends. Whilst what we do for our patient today is what we believe is the best thing for them, will the future be kind to us, or condemn us? Is todays ECMO yesterdays balloon pump, or tomorrows defibrillator? History and anecdote, science and opinion, research and theory, technology and labour have all lead us to this point but where will they take us? To understand where we might be heading in the next 30 years it is important to consider where we have come from and the forces, influences and factors that got us to where we are now, not only as a profession but also as individuals.



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