SIAARTI Italian HEMS Guidelines

Samuel Schaab1, Dr Maurizio Menarini2

1Leonardo Helicopters

2Siaarti Italian Society Anesthesia Intensive Care, Bologna, Italy

TITLE: SIAARTI Italian HEMS Guidelines: road to the Flying Hospital and operational standardisation

Critical emergency medicine – CREM is all about providing the best medical treatment to a critical patient, transporting him/her to the most suitable hospital in the shortest time. In case of remote area retrievals, the only way to guarantee the golden hour rule is to provide such medical treatment as the patient is already in the emergency room; to do so, specific Guidelines are needed to standardise procedures and training, in order to enhance the expertise of the crew and train them how to treat in this peculiar scenario given by the “flying hospital”, and in particular a  flying intensive care unit.

This new perspective allows limiting the therapy-free interval at its minimum, promoting expertise over experience and overcoming the issue of remoteness, delivering the patient not to the nearest hospital but to the most appropriate one.

The HEMS approach aims to anticipate the treatment of the patient not only in the prehospital setting but also in the hospital: a rapid diagnosis before hospital arrival permits to organize better the approach in the hospital, for example with a direct access to operating room.

This project, born in Italy and led by SIAARTI, requires anyway the involvement of all the stakeholders to pursue the goal of the HEMS of the future and get rid of the actual operational constraints.


Samuel Schaab has 14 years of experience as a flight nurse and most recently as the Director of Clinical Operations were he was directly responsible for education and quality, and indirectly worked with equipment and safety.

His clinical background is in emergency medicine, adult medical/surgical ICU, and neonatal ICU.  He has a BSN from Husson University and is a licensed EMT.

Samuel Schaab recently joined Leonardo Helicopters in May 2019 as an EMS specialist.  In this new role he will utilise his knowledge of critical care transport medicine along with his passion for patient care and safety, to serve as the subject matter expert and liaison between Leonardo Helicopters and it’s customers.

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