Beyond The Edge of the Ocean

Dr Toby Fogg1

1Careflight, Sydney, Australia

CareFlight provide aeromedical support for the INPEX Liquified Natural Gas Project, over 200kms offshore from Broome. There have been over 2000 FIFO workers offshore at any one time who have been looked after by an offshore team of 2 GPs and 4 ICPs.  Onshore, in Broome, we have a Critical Care Registrar and 3 ICPs available for aeromedical evacuation from an offshore facility or for a search and rescue mission, using a dedicated S92.  In Darwin a dedicated jet is available with a Critical Care Doctor and flight nurse to bring the patient back to Darwin, having transferred the patient from the helicopter at a staging point.

The extreme remoteness and complexity of this operation provides significant challenges for all aspects of aeromedical service delivery.

This talk will comprise brief presentations of some of the more significant cases that have been managed offshore, including a patient in cardiac arrest and another with a massive GI bleed. The cases will be used to draw out some of the challenges that have been faced, as well as highlight the strategies that have been put in place to mitigate against this remote location.


Toby Fogg is the National Medical Director for CareFlight and in his spare time, an Emergency Physician at the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney.

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