Aeromedical Imagery – illustrating our Best Practices – not Ourselves.

Mark Mennie

Other Category: Photography and Storytelling can influence our Future Care.

My insights as a trained Professional Photographer beginning with film+lighting, have guided me to assist and critique our aeromedical industry in the way we portray ourselves to the community. In the age of social media, “our own” are sometimes illustrating our story, un-critqued and influenced by “likes”. It is not peer reviewed, as is the case of this Conferences’ Poster presentations being selected – engaging the Reviewers, their experience and sensibilities of right and wrong; their approval, leads to the presentation of ideas to attendees.

My documentary work strives for accuracy in the context of aeromedical transport, and tries to steer clear of describing my presence (via selfie) as a Photographer within the setting of Critical Care.

I believe social media expectations do not merge with the technical aspects of patient privacy. Caregivers can inadvertently note the subtle details of missions in their broadcast of their professional work – through the simplest of location or provider descriptions.

I believe the moral sensibilities of a patient needing critical care do not always merge with their healthcare, recovery and even family of noting our daily photo accomplishments on social media.

Accurate portrayals of the Aeromedical industry need to continue to broaden the visual descriptions of the industry, in engaging both communities they serve and the municipalities they fly in.

The media’s appetite for stories whether accurate or not will continue to grow and will influence public opinion and government perspectives. Photography and social media carries our message – it is our responsibility to shepherd our image of what we do, in the best way possible through images and stories – or other sources will do it for us.

I invite comments on my aeromedical imagery attached to this presentation.

Thank you.


Mark Mennie – is a Canadian – US based Photographer who has specialized on the accurate portrayal of Aeromedical and Critical Care Transport. His 20+ years of imagery has also established the AAMS archive – a digital image library documenting US and International members – realistically and in a artistic way. He has utilized his unique documentary style – based upon his standard of respecting patient privacy and the moral aspects of capture during patient care – to urban jungles and desolate airstrips around the world.

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