Sector Safety Risk Profiles for Aeromedical Transport

Fred Fernandes1

1CASA\ Aviation Group

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) examines various underlying influences on safety in sectors of the aviation community by developing sector safety risk profiles. A sector safety risk profile gathers data from as many sources as possible and captures the knowledge, experience and perceptions of as many participants as possible within a sector. The aero-medical transport sector comprising of fixed and rotary wing aircraft plays an extremely important and time-critical role in emergency patient care and inter-hospital transfers. Sector safety risk profiles for helicopter medical transport and aeroplane medical transport were developed jointly by CASA and the aeromedical transport sector by applying the CASA sector safety risk profiling methodology. Several data sources and workshops were used to build a risk picture for aeroplane and helicopter medical transport operations.

The greatest value of the aeromedical transport risk profiles is derived when aeromedical transport providers and health agencies read the risk statements and decide which ones apply to their organization and then determine what they can do to minimize that risk by implementing the risk treatments. A safety information exchange initiative with helicopter medical transport sector participants will be developed to update the risk profiles.


Fred Fernandes is Manager Sector Risk Profiling Programme at the Civil Aviation Safety Authority. Fred joined the Authority in 2003.and has served in various roles in standards development, regulatory impact assessment, strategic planning and conducted studies into the safety performance of aviation sectors. Currently, he leads the Sector Safety Risk Profile Program at the Authority with the program having completed sector safety risk profiles into large aeroplane transport, small aeroplane transport, helicopter charters, aero-medical transport, aerodromes, commercial hot air balloons remotely piloted aircraft systems and maintenance organisations. The outputs from the program are used to drive a sector surveillance program and a safety information exchange mechanism (under development) helps to update the risk profile. Before joining the Authority, Fred worked for four years with Airservices Australia and oversighted the delivery of overseas commercial projects for the design, installation and commissioning of air traffic control towers, safety management systems training and safety performance measurement. Fred also worked for Commonwealth Department of Transport and advised on the technical requirements and injury criteria for performance/outcome-based occupant protection standards for design of motor vehicles and components. Prior to joining the Department Fred was employed with motor vehicle manufacturers in design and manufacturing roles.

Fred holds degrees in mechanical engineering, public policy, finance and management studies.

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