Creating One Standard to Reach Beyond

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At CHC, we reach beyond our legacy, achievements, and current high standards to constantly improve our fleet, technologies, safety, and employee performance. We reach beyond our customers’ expectations to deliver the highest levels of service and cost-efficiency. And we reach beyond where others go to transport people to the most distant and challenging locations worldwide – on or offshore.

Throughout time we have built industry best practice, maintained these standards and now strive to exceed them. Standards in maintence and flight operations form a pivotal focus point at CHC.

Within the Search and Rescue and Emergency Medical Services sector, CHC is taking further steps to develop ‘one standard’ in SAR equipment, operations and technique. We aim to illustrate our systems of compliance and standardization globally, formed on operations and methodologies CHC has developed and proven over the last two decades and is still using with new technology aircraft and equipment.

With well over 10,000 operational SAR missions by day and night; CHC is the only operator with significant experience of operating in the search and rescue role using “new technology aircraft’ in these live SAR environments.

As we develop we have undertaken a process to review, improve and make safer our search and rescue and emergency medical operations by the establishment of key positions to oversee not only regional operations, but global operations holistically. Ensuring we are learning for each other and delivering ‘one standard’, all the time, anytime, anywhere on the plant.

Establishment of a ‘Technical Crewman Standards’ lead position within CHC has enabled subject matter expert input regarding all SAR & EMS standards for CHC globally. They have taken ownership of the standards for all CHC technical crew including Winch Operators, Rescue Swimmer, Flight Paramedics and safety equipment worldwide. The position also works in close collaboration with the Director of CHC standards and technical type pilots helping to maintain our position as world leader in the SAR and EMS services sector. The “Technical Crewman Standards” Lead position forms a common focal point for all of CHC’s regional Chief Crewman Standards positions, from Australia, Ireland, UK, Norway & Netherlands.

In addition to this, the Technical Crewman Standards has formed close collative relationships with equipment manufactures of survival and rescue equipment. To ensure all our people have access to the best equipment available to date to ensure we have the best outcome for our people and the people we are caring for.

We will discuss the benefits, challenges and path ahead for this position and CHC as we move into the next generation of SAR and EMS technologies and methodologies working toward and under ‘One Standard’.

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