Is this really just another day in the office?  Skills Maintenance using High Fidelity Clinical Scenarios in the Helicopter Winch Training Environment.

Mr Christopher Marlow1

 1SA Ambulance Service, Flagstaff Hill, Australia


SA Ambulance Service, Rescue Retrieval & Aviation’s Special Operations Team:


High fidelity simulation training has an important role in high consequence, low occurrence medical events.  Helicopter winch rescue is a good example of a high consequence operation that generates increased stress levels amongst all involved. The requirement for robust training around winch rescue has been highlighted by a number of very significant adverse incidents during helicopter winch rescue within Australia.


Combining both high fidelity simulations and helicopter winch training seemed a logical step towards providing SAAS Special Operations Rescue and Retrieval Paramedics with realistic real time job training.

Scope of Presentation

This presentation will discuss the planning, practical application and pre and post scenario debrief of a clinical scenario incorporated with infiltration and exfiltration via helicopter winch. A multi-disciplinary team was used to facilitate the training, including SA Ambulance Clinical Support Officers, Special Operations Rescue Retrieval Paramedics and Clinical Educators from the Rescue, Retrieval and Aviation Service (RRAS) Directorate.

Key Findings

Coordination of Aviation assets, Rescue and Retrieval Paramedics and Clinical educators within the greater Ambulance Service was specifically challenging and will be discussed in the presentation. Feedback from the multi-disciplinary team as well as the participants will be shared; highlighting the unique role Rescue and Retrieval Paramedics fill within SA Ambulance Service. Questions around frequency and efficacy of this combined Medical Rescue training will be discussed particularly given the high demand on resources and cost that it entails.

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